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Pregnant or TTC, crunchy and high risk
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A community for crunch parents-to-be, and those who want to be parents, who are considered high risk
A place for those approaching pregnancy and parenting with a high risk label, who have a desire to balance medical risk with their preference for natural and gentle approaches. Partners, caregivers, and others providing support for women labeled high risk are also welcome. Topics include, but are not necessarily limited to, trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, and parenting as impacted by maternal health.

The label "high risk" comes with a host of emotions, fears, concerns, and questions that can feel disempowering, and women with medical complications can get lost in the dichotomy between natural birthers and more mainstream choices.

Our goal is to provide a safe place where we can:

  • help each other feel empowered to make choices and retain control of the pregnancy and birth experience
  • share resources and personal experiences.
  • express frustrations about the balance of being both "high risk" and crunchy.
  • explore and assess our true risk level.
  • talk about our experiences with pregnancy, birth, and parenting without having to justify our medical or natural choice.

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