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Pre-exisiting hypertension?

Hi I'm Ani, this is my 7th pregnancy (9 weeks today) but will *hopefully* be my third baby (I'm kind of prone to miscarriage).

My older two children (both girls) are 5&7 and I was never expecting to be pregnant again. 2 years ago my doctor told me my hypertension was damaging my organs and I wouldn't do well with a pregnancy, he recommended sterilization. Only because I'm 26 with a body mass index that is underweight none of the obstetricians in the province would consider sterilization, they all insisted on testing. So I've been tested for every cause of hypertension under the sun with no results. Turns out my blood pressure just likes being 160/110 without medication, so I've been on medication since the birth of my second daughter in 2006. With both of my full term pregnancies my blood pressure sky rocketed towards the end. With my older daughter in 2004 I had no per-existing hypertension and just developed pregnancy induced hypertension around 32 weeks. My blood pressure went back to normal after that pregnancy (120/80) without medcication. With my second daughter I followed the brewer diet for PIH intensely while pregnant and had a natural midwife assisted hospital birth with almost no intervention it was lovely. However my blood pressure spiked after delivery and never came back down. I have been on medication ever since.

In June of this year I was referred to a hypertension specialist who told me that because my number were well controlled with medication and the organ damage seemed to be minimal and not worsening that another pregnancy wasn't likely to be completely off limits and that a high risk obstetrician would possibly even leave me on Adalat (niphedipine) because it worked well for me. As I had no intentions of getting pregnant he switched my medication to Atacand (Candasartan) which is contraindicated for pregnancy.

Cue 5 weeks ago when my period was due and didn't come. I tested and it was positive. So because I'd always wanted a third child, I weaned off the medication and booked a consult with a high risk OB for October 25 (this coming Tuesday) so because I've heard both "you can't have another baby" and "another baby wouldn't be impossible" I'm really unsure what to expect. I suspect the first thing the OB will do is put me back on some sort of medication as my BP is in the high normal range bordering on high. But I'm really unsure what to expect, I think my biggest fear is ending up having to induce really early and ending up with a micropreemie, I mean if that's something I know I'm at high risk for is it morally right to try and carry a pregnancy to term? I really want this baby, but at the same time I need to consider the needs of my other children and how it will effect us all as a family.

Anyone been on antihypertensives while pregnant? Any advice, suggestions, commiserations?
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