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Name/LJ name: Bria
Age: 26
Location: Dallas, TX
Partner's name: James
Kids' names and ages, due dates, or TTC: Peter, 2.5 years. loss at 7 weeks on 10/26/2011 and loss at 7 weeks on 3/24/2012
Reason for joining: I *just* received a phone call from my OB about some genetic testing results, and he said my tests indicate I am positive for both the MTHFR mutation and a prothrombin gene mutation. I don't know the specifics yet, but I hope to get those in the next few weeks after he sends the stuff to a geneticist and so on.

DH and I are currently TTC, and have been since my return to fertility when my son was 18 months old. I had an absolutely fantastic 100% natural and uncomplicated pregnancy, labor and delivery with my son. He was born at a birth center in a bathtub at 41w1d with no problems and my midwife has become a close friend. I could go on and on forever about my awesome, empowering birth.

After Peter was born, I was excited to have another baby when my fertility returned, and at 18 months, I got pregnant with no issue (it took a year of TTC to conceive my son). We were surprised it happened so quickly, but overjoyed. Things didn't seem right, and I started having dreams where I'd have a child, a girl, taken away from me, and then my normal pregnancy symptoms never really kicked in, and when I should have been ten weeks, I went in for a U/S after some clotting and they discovered my little one had left at around seven weeks.

Then, after about ten weeks of bleeding, I went to my OB, an awesome FAM only Dr who could actually interpret and understand my charts, because I was concerned about the bleeding. I started some topical progesterone and was ready to try again. I conceived again on my first cycle, and things seemed to be doing much better. I had good feelings and no bad dreams, and morning sickness was starting. I had very minor spotting, but I worried, and went in for a U/S at 6w5d. On the screen was a perfect little embryo that measured right on time with a great heartbeat. That was March 23, and by that time March 24, I had completed my miscarriage. It was like my baby fell right out of me.

Since then I've been on a metric crap ton of supplements, and my cycles are all over the place. I went in to the doctor just as a whim to talk with him about everything, and had blood drawn and we discussed what the causes of the M/Cs might be.

After a quick search online, I'm a little terrified of my prospects with this diagnosis, and I'm looking for other people who have this. I'm scared and worried that now I have to give up my natural birth dreams, or worse, deal with losing more babies. I'm terrified of the "high risk" status my future pregnancies may earn. There seems to be conflicting points of view as to whether these mutations cause m/cs at all, or if they should be treated. I dunno. I've had a good cry about it and I'm hoping to get some info.

I'm not even sure if I belong in this community, but I thought it couldn't hurt :/
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