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Having Peripartum Cardiomyopathy and high blood pressure, I have to endure a scheduled birth. This includes being induced (fun fun) and an Epidural. With my first, I was drug free, until they had to induce to save my son (I was in labor for 41 hours).

So....I feel like I never get a good answer. What is an epidural like?
1. I am phobic of needles. I know I can't see it, but for me, that's more scary. It's like - what would be more scary to you? Having someone rip a chainsaw behind your back? Or in front of you?
Anyway, is it a tiny pinch? Or worse. I guess it's the whole tube incerted in your back thing that sounds super painful to me. And I'm not sure if I'll be having contractions during this or not. (Plan to ask my OB which comes first the day of, never thought of it before - epidural or pitocin)
2. Will I feel anything at all? Will I be paralyzed? Can I walk? I was told I'd feel numb, but to what extent, I don't understand what that means. Does it basically just not hurt to have contractions, and that's it? What is pushing like then?
3. Does it happen often that it just wares off, or doesn't work at all?

I have to have an Epidural because the lack of pain will slow my heart and keep me from going into heart failure, or having a heart attack during labor. But my anxieties over the procedure itself isn't helping.
Any kind words of encouragement? (No horror stories please, won't help me)

Oh, and "Labor Day" is about 2 months away.
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