The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams) wrote in highriskcrunchy,
The Part You Throw Away

Big Update....

Monday I went back to the Cardiologist. (3rd time now) My Mother drove from 2 hours away to go with my husband and I. It was, the hardest Doctor visit I've ever had.
Honestly we left with news that I could possibly die for having this baby. I have an enlarged aorta, and left ventricle, my heart is only pumping out about 30% when a normal heart pumps out 50%. And as I get more pregnant, this can only get worse, and my heart has to work harder and harder just to supply me and baby blood. Which could lead to having a heart attack.
I'm 30 years old, and my heart is as bad as a 70 or 80 year old who's had a heart attack. And my Doctors can't explain it. The cardiologist suggested we do a scan to see if my heart may have any clots. But this scan will expose the baby to radiation which scared the hell out of me.
Needless to say, I was a blubbering mess this whole time, I could hardly control myself trying to hold back tears. As soon as the Dr. left the room I nearly fell to the floor as my husband grabbed me and I burst into tears.
I wanted to go talk to my OB right away because the Cardiologist just couldn't answer so many of our questions. (Obviously, I am NOT his typical patient) But I was too much of a mess. I just wanted to get out of there. After going back home and letting myself have a good cry and calm down, My Mom and I did go back to see my OB to talk.
Luckily, he made everything less grim. I went from thinking "Ok, it's me or the baby" to him telling me I have a 1% chance of dying here. Right now, the baby is fine, aside from her kidney (Nephrohydrosis), but we don't know everything yet. Her heartbeat is normal, I still feel her moving daily. Still haven't gotten her genetics test back yet, even though they said we'd get it yesterday by 5 pm.
So for now, I'm back on my BP meds, taking my blood pressure daily. I cannot have any strenuous activity. I need to keep stress and anxiety down (so easy right?) and I need to keep my sodium down. For the birth they want me induced early, and I have to have an Epidural, which I HATE, but apparently it will keep my heart rate down, and keep me from cardiac arrest. So in that case, how can I argue? I need to have some more tests done, and go back to the Cardiologist in a month. I see my OB again in a week for more ultrasounds and talk more about my heart since when I saw him he didn't get a chance to talk to the Cardiologist yet about my results.
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