The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams) wrote in highriskcrunchy,
The Part You Throw Away

High Risk Natural Birth

Has anyone with High Blood Pressure/High Risk gone through with having a drug free birth? I plan on going pain med free any way around it of course, but my OB wants to induce me before I'm full term, which makes me furious. (She won't be delivering my baby anyway, I'm moving) Is this standard for High Risk Pregnancies?

With my (now 7 year old) I had to be induced during my natural birth, 39-40 hours in because he was in danger. It took me 2 hours to finally decide to do it because I felt so conflicted. When you go through a Bradley Birthing class, you feel like a horrible person for agreeing to any drugs.
Anyway, it was so painful. My labor was already going on for damn near 2 days, and I was on NO sleep. I was so exhausted I was near delusional.

I don't want that again...ever. Especially if I'm not even in labor yet, and it isn't for the purpose of saving my baby's life.
Tags: high blood pressure, inducing labor, natural high risk birth, pitocin
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