Hellenic Rhyme (ms_hecubus) wrote in highriskcrunchy,
Hellenic Rhyme

Saying hi

Name/LJ name: Michelle
Age: 37
Location: Metro Detroit, MI
Partner's name: Eric
Kids' names and ages, due dates, or TTC: Delia 3 in June, due 12-20-10
Reason for joining:

I'm considered high risk both because of my age and because I'm attempting a VBAC. I'm not thrilled about the label, of course, because it means I can't give birth in the birthing center. I did find a practice that has two CNMs and either one will attend my birth so that's a load off. I really want to keep it natural this time around and I don't trust an OB-GYN to do so. I know that many of them think they're natural birth friendly, but when it comes down to it they're surgeons and I feel like their first response is going to be medical. I've even investigated having a HBAC, but my insurance is notorious for not paying for homebirth even when they say they will. I'm just not willing to fight about it. I fought the induction with my daughter and fought to have some kind of control over my birth and I still lost. I want to find a way to give birth the way I want without having to fight and fight and fight. We'll see how that goes.
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