shadowbaby (shadowbaby4) wrote in highriskcrunchy,


Name/LJ name: Amanda

Age: 25

Location: Maine

Partner's name: Matthew

Kids' names and ages, due dates, or TTC: I have a four-year-old son named Owen, and we're trying to conceive another one

Reason for joining: because of my recent recovery from anorexia, I've only just started getting periods again. I'm officially in a healthy weight range now, or close anyway, but because I was malnourished for so long my cycles have been very irregular and my body may not be able to support a pregnancy for awhile. So if I get pregnant in the next couple months it will be considered high risk. You might think, why not wait a few months, then? I don't know. We've been trying for so LONG, I can't stand to wait any longer now that I'm having periods again. I've been taking vitamins and eating as much as I can. My weight's been stable for two months. I can do this.
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